3D THERM Earmould Material

The new earmould material from Hörluchs®

3D THERM was specially developed for Hörluchs®. The hard-soft acrylate reacts to heat and becomes soft and supple in the auditory canal. It has a linear thermal effect – this means that the flexible phase is reached more quickly. This increases the wearing comfort. In addition to the typical properties of hard-soft acrylic, it is even softer at room temperature without losing stability. At low temperatures, the earpiece remains flexible for longer. Hearing instrument wearers find 3D THERM subjectively more comfortable than comparable hard-soft materials.

The wall thickness can be much smaller compared to other hard-soft acrylics. This means that even complex film earmoulds can be built without any problems. Acousticians can simply glue in sound tubes. The extremely tensile earmould material transports moisture very well and at the same time retains its mechanical properties. The main difference to 3D THERMOtec® is the degree of hardness outside the auditory canal: here 3D THERM is somewhat softer. The silky matt surface gives the material a very high-quality finish.