Adventure with a Good Cause

As Team Hörluchs®, we ascend the Zugspitze together with extreme athlete Hubert Schwarz and three experienced mountain guides, covering 2,254 meters. The event serves a charitable purpose. Once we reach our goal, a donation check will be handed over for the RTL Donation Marathon. RTL will capture the handover at the Zugspitze with a film crew.

Among the participants are, among others:


These Stages Await Participants

The easiest but longest route to the Zugspitze leads through the Reintal – the valley of the Partnach between the Zugspitzplatt and the Partnachklamm. Except for the final ascent, it offers few technical difficulties. However, the route should not be underestimated as it is very long and secluded. The terrain is easy up to the Reintalangerhütte (1,369 meters), but becomes steeper later (from 1,680 meters). The challenging final ascent can be bypassed by taking a cable car to the summit.

Friday, July 19 | Stage 1: Partnach Gorge – Knorrhütte (2,051 meters)

Participants will travel independently to the starting point of the tour (Skistadion Garmisch-Partenkirchen at 708 meters above sea level) and meet with the mountain hiking guides. The ascent leads through the scenic Partnach Gorge up to the Reintalangerhütte. We’ll take a lunch break here. Then, we’ll continue to our overnight destination, the Knorrhütte (2,051 meters).

Ascent: approximately 7-8 hours
Distance: approximately 20 kilometers

Saturday, July 20 | Stage 2: Knorrhütte – Zugspitze (2,962 meters)

The trail leads initially from the Knorrhütte to the Zugspitzplatt (2,562 meters). From there, we will continue to ascend to the summit station, with a planned rest stop at Sonnalpin (2,576 meters).

Ascent: approximately 3-4 hours
Distance: approximately 5 kilometers

Destination: 2,962 meters above sea level

Upon reaching the top, the check presentation will take place. After lunch, we will descend back to the valley with the Zugspitzbahn. Then, we’ll conclude the tour together in a cozy manner.