AURISIT stool and table

for acousticians

Hörluchs® provides the right products for the daily needs of acousticians with its selection of accessories. From now on you can order the ergonomic stool AURISIT and a matching table: shop.hoerluchs.com

The AURISIT acoustic stool is another innovation from Hörluchs®. It was specially developed for the demands and daily tasks of acousticians. The ergonomic standing and sitting aid enables flexible working in a sitting or standing position – and close to the customer!

  • Robust with solid base
  • Ergonomic and flexible working with the client
  • Seat height adjustable between 50 cm and 70 cm
  • Seat can be rotated 360° thanks to flexible joint
  • Elegant design Made in Italy


The Hörluchs® AURISIT table for acousticians is the ideal addition for daily work close to the customer. It can be used flexibly: For example, you can use it to store utensils during impressions or to place the desired products within easy reach during customer consultations. The height of the table can be adjusted between 54 cm and 80 cm.

  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for taking impressions or customer consultations
  • Table height adjustable: 54 cm – 80 cm
  • Table top scratch-resistant and 360° rotatable
  • Elegant design Made in Italy