Telephony & communication in the workplace

The HA COM WIRELESS is a custom-made hearing protector in combination with an advanced communication unit that can be connected to all common smartphones. The technical connection is robust and perfectly suited for use in the trade.

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Product Attributes

HA WIRELESS Mono Gehörschutz
MonoPart No.: 3757-monoSRP 589,00 €
HA COM Wireless Stereo Gehörschutz
StereoPart No.: 3757-stereoSRP 829,00 €
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Neon
Gehörschutz mit Kommunikationseinheit Lieferumfang
  • Case
  • Wireless Neckband
  • Left/right marker
  • Serial number
  • User information
KonformitätserklärungFile size 641 kB Download


The Wireless Neckband from Hörluchs® turns the HA COM into a wireless communication unit. Thanks to the modular design with standard 2-pin connection, the mono and stereo version can also be upgraded at any time. The integrated microphone offers the best speech quality and leaves nothing to be desired.

The HA COM WIRELESS is available in a single and double-sided version. The two-sided communication connection can further increase speech comprehension.

Optimal hearing protection for

  • Workplaces with communication via smartphone
  • Noisy workplaces
  • Machine and plant operators
  • Drivers at transport services
  • Crane operators
  • Construction managers
  • Industrial climbers

Technical data

Crystal clear sound: Supports advanced V5.0+EDR and noise-reducing DPS technology
Pleasant wearing comfort: Lightweight neckband with natural fit and bending element in the cable
Lithium battery: Up to 11 hours battery life with only 1.5 hours charging time
Flexible in use: Up to 10 meters range


Taking impressions

In the first step, an impression of your auditory canal is made. With the scan of the impression, the hearing protection can be produced perfectly fitted.

3D production

Thanks to the state-of-the-art 3D production of Hörluchs®, the hearing protection is manufactured quickly and precisely. Re-production and new production are possible at any time thanks to 24 months of data storage.


The finished hearing protection can be collected from your Hörluchs® partner. You will receive detailed instructions including a functional test.

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