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Hearing aid earmoulds

An earmould is a custom-made earpiece that is fitted exactly to your ear and connected to the hearing aid. With the help of a customised earmould, you can access the full performance of your hearing aid. It is therefore an elementary component with which you can regain the joy of hearing.

Audio Service Stiline BT
with Hörluchs® Titan-Otoplastik (CIC)

Otoplastik-Aktion 2022

The advantages

  • Defined fit in the ear (no slipping)

  • High comfort

  • Less acoustic feedback

  • Aesthetic & discreet

  • Optimum sound transmission

Dr. med. Jürgen Palm - Specialist for ENT medicine & allergology
I know from my many years of experience that when it comes to a hearing aid fitting, a high-quality ear mould that is tailored to the hearing loss makes a significant contribution to successful hearing.
Dr. med. Jürgen Palm - Specialist for ENT medicine & allergology

Make the most of your hearing aid

The task of an earmould can be compared to the tyres of a car: If a car has wooden wheels, it cannot get the horsepower onto the road. A custom-fit earmould supports your hearing system so that the sound information reaches the eardrum with the required intensity:

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Advantages of an earmould
Advantages of an earmould


instead of domes

Schallleitung mit Otoplastik

With earmould

The earmould attenuates incoming noise. The hearing system can optimally transmit speech and useful information. This is how you get the best out of your hearing system!

Schallleitung mit Schirmchen

With dome

The noise enters unhindered and overlays the speech signal. The undefined fit severely impairs the signal output. The hearing system cannot provide its full performance.

Speech comprehension compared


Comparison: Speech comprehension dome vs. earmould

Titanium earmoulds

The best for your ear

Titanium is used in modern medicine due to its special properties. It is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, highly hygienic, skin-friendly and biocompatible.
Learn more about titanium.

Audio Service Stiline BT
with Hörluchs® Titanium earmould (CIC)

Improved quality of life

Feedback from a titanium wearer

“I have been wearing hearing aids since 1996. I always had big problems: The support rings broke, I had allergic reactions and inflamed ear canals. The constant whistling in the hearing aid and the unpleasant smell bothered me extremely. Godl Hörakustik then recommended titanium earmoulds to me. I was immediately absolutely taken with them!

The titanium earpieces are much easier to clean and my ear canals no longer get inflamed. There is no more feedback and music sounds much more transparent. They are easier to use and very comfortable to wear. On warm days, titanium feels pleasantly cool. There are also no more unpleasant odours.

With the titanium earmoulds, my quality of life has improved significantly. I can enjoy my music again and hear much more differentiated. I participate more in life again and feel much safer in traffic”.

Reinhard Kronemeyer
Hearing aid user

A decision

For your health

Domes and earmoulds made of conventional materials are attacked by cerumen (earwax) after only a short time. This can cause them to turn yellow and the hygiene in the ear decreases rapidly.

Titanium earmoulds, on the other hand, remain visibly flawless and provide a hypoallergenic environment in the auditory canal.

Vergilbte Otoplastik aus gewöhnlichem Material
Earmould made of
ordinary material
Hochwertige Titan-Otoplastik
Earmould made of
high-quality titanium