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Titanium earmoulds

Made in Germany

As a specialist for customised products for the ear, Hörluchs® is constantly expanding its portfolio for acousticians. Thanks to a fully digital and economical manufacturing process, earmoulds can now also be offered in titanium “Made in Germany”.

Hörluchs® makes the high-tech material affordable for the hearing aid industry. The surcharge compared to premium earmoulds (e.g. THERMOtec®) is only small – therefore a high-quality medical fitting is possible at a great price.

Titan-Otoplastik Cymbaline mit Strassstein
Titan-Otoplastik Cymbaline mit Strassstein im Ohr

Probably the world´s best earmoulds

Titanium is used in aerospace and modern medicine due to its special properties. The high stability enables a wall thickness half as thick as that of earmoulds made of TEC. This means that external receivers can also be fitted in smaller and anatomically complex auditory canals – this corresponds to approx. 25 % more compared to conventional earmoulds.

Titanium earmoulds from Hörluchs® are also an outstanding visual highlight. The material has an exclusive, high-quality feel thanks to the matt or polished surface. The appearance is durable and is not altered by cerumen.

Simple postprocessing

With the appropriate tool from Hörluchs®, reworking the earpiece in the acoustics shop is easily possible.


Advantages compared to other materials

  • Less feeling of fullness
  • Highest precision due to 3D laser technology
  • Longer durability, does not turn yellow
  • Best acoustic transparency
  • Generally appears more open & transparent
  • Sounds significantly more natural
  • Drill diameter can be chosen smaller to achieve comparable sound to other materials (less occlusion feeling)

New advantages in fitting

  • Wall thicknesses of 0.4 mm possible
  • External receivers also possible for anatomically complex auditory canals
  • Highest precision due to 3D laser technology
  • No trial shells necessary
  • Maximum stability
  • Valuable and exclusive look even after many years of use

Best medical care

  • Hypoallergenic & antibacterial
  • Highly hygienic
  • Skin friendly & biocompatible
  • Hardly noticeable in the ear
  • Perfect heat dissipation
  • No itching or moist ear canals
  • Extremely light

Two product families

The different designs of titanium earmoulds from Hörluchs® are divided into two price categories. This helps you to get an overview.

Lifestyle series

CIC & ITC (in-the-canal) (RIC and normal tube)

Titanium earmoulds Lifestyle series
  • For high-end fittings

  • Superior look & feel

  • Minimal wall thicknesses

  • For high-end fittings

  • Superior look & feel

  • Minimal wall thicknesses

Design series

All designs with support function in the circumaural ear

  • Perfect hold in the ear

  • All special shapes possible

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Perfect hold in the ear

  • All special shapes possible

  • Hypoallergenic

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Laser production

The earmoulds are manufactured in the in-house production facility using unique 3D laser technology: 100% innovative and 100% Made in Germany.
Learn more at: youtube.com/hoerluchs

Titan earmoulds with

The new Standard is colourful

With the colored earmolds, the high-tech material can be individually adapted to personal taste with 5 different styles. A high-quality fitting can be combined with a noble look.

  • Wide range of customisation options
  • Finishing with strass stones
  • Visually very attractive
  • Matt or polished surface
  • Polished version also available in 5 stylish colours
  • The best material to wear in the ear
Hörluchs® Titan-Otoplastik mit Veredelung

Note: Colour deviations are possible

Farbübersicht Titan-Otoplastiken Banner

Titanium for Signia Active devices

Custom-made titanium CIC earmoulds are also available for Signia Active (Pro) hearing systems. A minimal wall thickness of 0.4 mm ensures that the devices will fit into the charging case when equipped with the earmoulds

The earmoulds significantly improve the fit and acoustics of the devices and emphasise the concept of the hearing systems with their premium finish.

Orderable in the Hörluchs® online shop: shop.hoerluchs.com