The intelligent connector for external receivers

The Hörluchs® development department has analysed the properties of the original manufacturer’s sockets and optimised the advantages for daily use by the acoustician. The result is the SMART SOCKET.

For a comparative fitting

Using a special acrylic, Hörluchs® offers an innovative solution that allows you to comfortably fit RIC earmoulds with the same geometry from the following manufacturers:

  • Starkey
  • Widex Easywear & V.2 Hörer
  • GN ReSound (SureFit)
  • Signia 3.0

Based on many years of experience, this new development by Hörluchs® was the logical next step so that you can fit earmoulds even better and more easily.

For ProWax and HF4 filters

Improvements to the geometry have helped Hörluchs® to increase the support even further. From now on, you can also order the SMART SOCKET with a new filter mount for Oticon ProWax filters. You can order the filters conveniently in the blister in the new Hörluchs® online shop.


Sometimes the simple solutions are the best.

  • Simplified comparative fitting

  • Perfect fit of all intended earpieces due to special material

  • The SMART SOCKET is installed as standard at no extra charge

  • Reduced need for repair due to included, double cerumen protection system

  • The filter mount makes it easy for customers to change the filters themselves