UNIRIC for S/M receivers

The manufacturer-independent RIC connections

For the connection of the receiver to the earmould, Hörluchs® has developed a design that can accept any S/M receiver on the market. This is made possible by the unique design of the receiver holder: The earpieces are fixed in the earmould by means of a plug-in connection with click sleeves (the RIC adapters) and can be changed if necessary. Gluing is not necessary.


Flexible in use

The application possibilities of UNIRIC are as flexible as the materials. Hörluchs® also offers the possibility of universal RIC fitting here. This earmould combines all the advantages of hard-soft acrylic in combination with the freedom to fit all S/M earpieces.

Three versions:
  • S/M receivers are inserted into the universal hole without a sleeve. The procedure is the same as for UNIRIC SOFT, but without an additional sleeve. The external receiver is inserted directly into the earmould which has been softened by heat.
  • Connexx receiver: Here the original Sivantos socket can be inserted into the drilling.
  • For narrow ear canals, the earpiece can be inserted via the Multifix adapter.

Storrage for external receivers size S & M
Constriction secures external receivers in the mount
Mount for RIC adapters


Lightweight, supple and comfortable

The UNIRIC SOFT earmould made of silicone provides a connection of external receivers of all manufacturers without having to glue. It offers all the advantages of a custom-made earmould and is produced in a half-foil design.

With the help of the RIC adapter click sleeves, the handset is firmly fixed in the UNIRIC. A soft click indicates that all components are firmly connected. You can obtain the RIC adapters directly from Hörluchs®.

All common S and M external receivers are compatible with UNIRIC. Simply insert it into the mounting pocket and click on the RIC adapter from the opposite side. Pure comfort for acousticians!


Robust, easy to clean and dirt-resistant

Do you need an earmould in a hard version? Then UNIRIC TEC is the solution for you.

Made of 3D TEC LPH, UNIRIC TEC is easy to clean, robust and dissipates heat particularly efficiently. With UNRIC TEC, the receiver is inserted into the earmould using a commercially available sound tube (Ø 3.1 mm) and fixed there for the duration of the hearing aid trial.

Once the optimum hearing system has been found for the client, the ex-hearing instrument can be permanently glued into the earmould using the manufacturer-specific RIC adapter click sleeve.

Earmould for external receivers size S & M
Drilling for universal RIC testing
Sound tube fixes external receivers
External receiver

All advantages at a glance

  • Individual earmoulds instead of domes

  • Optimal fit right from the start

  • Best insulation, minimised noise

  • Maximum utilisation of the technical features of the hearing system

  • No loss of sound information

  • For all common ex receivers (size S/M)

  • Breathable and excellent wearing comfort (THERMOtec® & 3D THERM)

  • Elastic, supple, soft (3D SILICONE)

  • Exceptionally durable and robust (3D TEC LPH)

  • Especially light and comfortable due to low wall thickness (≤ 1.2 mm)

  • Perfect heat dissipation

  • Reproducible at any time via 3D print

  • Lacquer finish included – matt or glossy*
  • Including individual engraving

* not with UNIRIC THERMOtec® and 3D THERM