Comparative fitting

Receiver connection with UNIRIC

UNIRIC is a special earmould design from Hörluchs® that can hold any S/M receiver on the market. You can test different receiver types regardless of the earmould material – this makes comparative fitting even easier. The hearing system can be exchanged as often as desired and, depending on the connection, can be equipped with an additional cerumen filter.

  • Comparative fitting possible in any earmould material
  • High-quality fitting right from the start – with earmoulds
  • No complicated reworking of an earmould necessary
  • Multifix adapter as solution for small ear canals

UNIRIC earmoulds

In all materials

UNIRIC earmolds from Hörluchs® give you complete freedom in comparative fitting. You can order UNIRIC in any material:






Earmoulds with SMART SOCKET 2.0

UNIRIC earmoulds made of hard material are equipped with the new SMART SOCKET 2.0. This is fitted as standard by Hörluchs® at no extra charge.


Now even better with numerous advantages!

The improved SMART SOCKET 2.0 offers you many new features and benefits:

  • For UNIRIC & RIC earmoulds
  • Very good fit of all RIC receivers due to special inner geometry
  • Designed for frequent installation & removal of RIC receivers
  • Hardly any signs of wear and tear
  • High durability because of silicone-like material
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent adhesion, defined bonding surface
  • Universal diameter of 2.9 mm makes it easier to drill out the socket
  • Two designs: One for HF4 and one for ProWax filters
  • Step in the socket ensures precise filter positioning
  • New colour scheme in blue (left) and red (right)

Two filter options

for more flexibility 

There is one dedicated SMART SOCKET 2.0 model for HF4 and one for ProWax filters. Both filter types can be easily installed. When you place the ProWax filter, you hear a noticeable click. When inserting the HF4 filter, there is now a restriction in the sleeve that prevents the filter from being pushed through. The new colour scheme in red and blue coincides with the familiar colour side assignment in the hearing aid sector.

Comparison of RIC receivers

Quick and easy

The specially designed socket allows you to conveniently compare the following RIC receivers*:

  • Connexx 3.0 (S & M)
  • Sonova 4.0 (S & M)
  • Oticon / Bernafon minifit (60 & 85)
  • Starkey RIC (40, 50 & 60)
  • Widex Easywear (S & M) & V.2 (M)
  • GN ReSound SureFit 2 (LP & MP)
  • GN ReSound Surefit 3 (LP, MP, M & RIE)

* For other manufacturers, the connection is made by tube instead of the SMART SOCKET.
No connection is possible for the Connexx 2.0.


The SMART SOCKET TOOL makes gluing and the overall installation of the SMART SOCKET 2.0 easier. You can also use it to conveniently place and remove various RIC receivers.

Solution for narrow ear canals:

1. Sharpen the Multifix adapter and put it over the earpiece
2. Pull the Multifix adapter with earpiece into earmould
3. Glue the Multifix adapter and cut it off.


Receiver mounting without glueing

External receivers can be fixed in earmoulds made of 3D THERMOtec® without gluing. The earmould is heated over the valve flute. The receiver is then inserted into the hole with a pair of tweezers. After cooling, the receiver fits firmly in the earmould.


  • Barely noticeable
  • High wearing comfort
  • Perfect for narrow ear canals
  • Fine fitting
  • Optionally with oval skeleton:
    Better oxygen balance

Halb foil

  • High sealing
  • Secure hold
  • Less feedback
  • Optimal for Connexx 2.0 earpieces
  • Optionally with cerumen filter:
    HF4, Cerustop, ProWax


Earmould with RIC-Adapter Click tubes

The silicone UNIRIC-earmould makes it possible to connect ex-hears of all manufacturers without having to glue. It is produced in a half-foil design. With the help of the RIC adapter click sleeves, the receiver is firmly fixed in the earmould. A soft click indicates that all components are connected. The RIC adapters are available directly from Hörluchs® (not included in order).

Storage for external receivers size S & M
Constriction secures external receivers in the mount
Mount for RIC-Adapter