Custom hearing protection

for industry & craftsmen

Noise protection is one of the most important safety measures. Customised hearing protection as PPE (personal protective equipment) increases safety, offers more comfort and is cheaper in the long run than disposable hearing protection.

Tailor-made safety

  • Increased safety due to the customised fit

  • Cost savings already after approx. 1.5 years (compared to disposable hearing protection)

  • Documented protection of the employees

  • PPE suitable for the workplace

  • Supplying people with hearing loss, who work in a noisy workplaces (ICP hearing system)

  • Documentation of the functional test for the employers’ liability insurance association

  • Increasing wearer acceptance

Hard-soft acrylic

Comfortable in the ear

Customised hearing protection made of hard-soft acrylic is resistant and yet very supple. When inserted, the material becomes soft and guarantees high comfort even when worn for a long time.

When things get loud


For industrial use


Light-cured resin

Robust and dirt-resistant

Customised hearing protection made of light-cured resin is robust and dirt-resistant. Information-containing sounds and speech are very well perceived in working noise.

Robust professional hearing protection


For optimum voice comprehension



Wearing comfort meets high insulation

Custom-fitted hearing protection made of silicone is particularly soft. This guarantees maximum comfort even when worn for a long time..

Soft all-rounder


For best speech intelligibility


Active hearing protection

Hear precisely when it matters

Electronic hearing protection from Hörluchs® offers full protection, best directional hearing as well as optimal ambient hearing. Communication in noisy environments is the focus here – regardless of hearing ability.

Active hearing protection
with high-tech amplifier technology


Communication solutions

for the noisy workplaces

Stay flexibly connected – with full protection for your ears. Discover the Hörluchs® hearing protection products with communication connection. The technical connection is robust and perfectly suited for use in crafts.

at the workplace


Wireless communication
via smartphone

HA COM Wireless

Comparison of costs

Earplugs vs. custom hearing protection

Analyse for yourself how little custom hearing protection costs. On average, individually manufactured hearing protection products amortise after about 1.5 years compared to conventional disposable hearing protection (expansion foam plugs) in a permanent noise workplace. For our comparative calculation, we assume an example company with 250 employees and a period of five years:

Hearing protection cost comparison

Hearing protection cost comparison

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