Custom made hearing protection

for shooting and hunting

Shooters and hunters place high demands on their hearing protection: it must not interfere with the handling of the weapon and must protect against impulse noise. Custom-made hearing protection from Hörluchs® guarantees optimum protection of the ear, a comfortable fit even when worn for a long time and the best speech comprehension.

Aktiver Gehörschutz für Jäger

Customised safety

  • No interference when aiming the weapon
  • Increased mobility

  • Secure fit and very high wearing comfort

  • Better concentration due to high basic insulation

  • Ideal when wearing glasses or caps

  • Improved speech intelligibility with full noise protection

  • Perfectly secured: With the functional test

Hunting partner: Dreispross
Photo credit: Melanie Toebbe

Active hearing protection

Hear precisely when it matters

Electronic hearing protection from Hörluchs® offers full protection, best directional hearing as well as optimal ambient hearing. In case of impulse noise, e.g. a gunshot or bang (up to 164 dB), the electronic limitation closes in less than 10 milliseconds.


Active hearing protection
with high-tech amplifier technology

Light-cured resin

Robust and durable

Customised hearing protection made of light-cured resin is durable and dirt-resistant. When donning the weapon, the small and light hearing protector is hardly noticeable. With a notched grip, it is ideal for hunters, military, police and sport shooters.

Robust hearing protection

Hard-soft acrylic

Supple in the ear

Custom-fitted hearing protection made of hard-soft acrylic softens during insertion and is therefore very supple. This guarantees a high level of comfort even when worn for a long time.

High-tech material developed for industrial use


Wearing comfort meets high insulation

The special silicone feels particularly comfortable in the ear and ensures maximum concentration during competitions thanks to the seal.

Soft and flexible all-rounder

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