Hörluchs® x BORA hansgrohe

Professional athletes place the highest demands on their equipment. Hörluchs® is proud to equip one of the best WorldTour teams with earmoulds and customised in-ears for competitions and daily training.

Like a fingerprint, every ear is unique. With the help of an ear mould, Hörluchs® makes in-ears that are perfectly customised for the wearer. This way, the in-ears sit comfortably and securely in the ear in every situation.

Press release

Hersbruck, 26.01.2022

Hörluchs® equips World Tour team BORA – hansgrohe

In world-class sport, the best athletes compete with the most advanced technology. Hörluchs® provides its unique expertise regarding the ear and exclusively equips one of the best World Tour teams. From now on, all riders of the cycling team will use customised earmoulds and in-ears from Hörluchs®. This allows them to communicate better with the sports directors in the team vehicles during official races.

In addition, each rider receives passive hearing protection for stress-free travel during the 280 days of racing on 5 continents.

Dominic Schmidt, Deputy Managing Director at Hörluchs®, knows the challenges: „A professional driver has the highest demands on his equipment. He must be able to concentrate 100% on the race. Communication via the team radio plays an important role in this: on the one hand, the rider has to understand every word, on the other hand, the headphones have to sit firmly on the ear and should not get loose. The previous improvised solution with tape often fell out of the ear and distracted or disturbed the riders – this has come to an end with custom-made earmoulds. We have modelled these with a short cone and at the same time maximally open – a customised special production.“

Regular feedback from BORA – hansgrohe helps Hörluchs® to further optimise its earmoulds and in-ears and open up innovative fields of application. The product management team works closely with the technical performance team at BORA – hansgrohe to ensure that the maximum is achieved at the end of each race.

Team manager Ralph Denk: „The Tour de France is the greatest event in the cycling world. To wear the iconic yellow jersey in Paris has always been my dream. It‘s my biggest goal to bring it home with my team.“