ICP TIK®: Hearing protection and hearing system – invisible in the ear

Press release

Hörluchs® is a developer and manufacturer of customised hearing protection solutions. With more than 1,600 custom-made parts per day, Hörluchs® has been one of the innovation leaders in the industry for years.

Conventional hearing aids are not permitted in noisy workplaces and damage hearing. The responsibility for this lies with the companies. As the inventor of hearing aids with noise protection programme, Hörluchs® has been ensuring the preservation (inclusion) of the workplace for people with hearing loss since 2010. With the ICP TIK®, the German company has set a new milestone for employees with hearing loss in the workplace. The motto of the new system is “Hearing loss at the noise workplace becomes invisible”. The system sits custom-made in the auditory canal and provides the necessary protection. Information-containing sounds such as voices and warning signals continue to be well understood and amplified. This compensates for the individual hearing loss and protects the ear at the same time.

The advantages for those affected are obvious: The system can be used both at the noise workplace and in the private environment. The ICP TIK® (“deep in the canal”) disappears almost invisibly in the auditory canal and thus does not interfere with the wearing of protective goggles or helmets. It is also perceived by colleagues as hearing protection and not as a hearing aid. If a noise-induced hearing loss is recognised and an indication for the fitting of the system has been established by the responsible employers’ liability insurance association, the system is covered 100 per cent by the accident insurance institutions. It is not charged to the company.

There are over 1,000 certified Hörluchs® partner acousticians throughout Germany who provide care on site. This is divided into two areas: On the one hand, the system is adapted as personal protective equipment (PPE) for the employee’s work area, and on the other hand, the system is adjusted as a medical device for the private environment.

For more information on the ICP TIK®, please visit www.hoerluchs.com/tik, info@hoerluchs.com or call: +49 (0)9151 90886-0.