Hörluchs® extends long-term lynx godparenthood

As an innovative manufacturer of high-tech products, Hörluchs® attaches particular importance to sustainability in processes, goods and production procedures. The Franconian family business is not only committed to environmental protection within its own four walls. On 11.08.2017, the “Lynx Sponsorship” with the Bayerwald Animal Park Lohberg was launched. Hörluchs® has extended this again.

What is animal godparenthood?

A species-appropriate diet, naturally designed enclosures and sufficient occupation are very important for the well-being of the zoo’s inhabitants. With an animal sponsorship, you directly support the main tasks of the zoo: information, breeding, research and species protection. With the lynx animal sponsorship, Hörluchs® donates € 400.00 per year for the shy pelt-noses. This directly supports the food, care, renewal, maintenance and expansion of enclosures. Would you also like to get involved? You can find information at www.bayerwald-tierpark.de

“We hope that the beautifully designed and lovingly organised facility will receive an especially large number of guests this year. We wish all staff and zoo residents the best of health. “

Felix Ehrhardt, Marketing

Stars on the big screen

The highly intelligent animals from Lohberg made an appearance in the cinema sport, which was released at the end of 2017:

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