Premium sleep protection that adapts perfectly

Discover THERMOtec® SLEEP from Hörluchs® and enjoy a restful and quiet sleep. Healthy sleep is essential and this is exactly what the customised premium sleep protection made of innovative THERMOtec® material offers you.

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Product Attributes

THERMOtec® SLEEP Schlafschutz - Bauform ohne Entnahmelasche
Ear canalPart No.: 4579SRP: 143,00 €Per pair
THERMOtec® SLEEP Schlafschutz - Bauform mit Entnahmelasche
Ear canal with removal flapPart No.: 4579+4578SRP: 154,20 €Per pair
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Transparent
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  • Case
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Your benefits

  • Customised premium sleep protection made of THERMOtec®
  • Becomes soft through body heat and adapts to the ear
  • Ideal if you are allergic to silicone
  • Fits comfortably and securely
  • Suitable for side sleepers
  • Effectively transports moisture out of the ear
  • Tear-resistant & dimensionally stable
  • Shields very well against external noise
  • Optionally available with removal flap
  • Available colours: Red, blue and transparent


The biocompatible material is extremely well tolerated by people with a wide range of allergies and has many advantages: it effectively wicks moisture away from the ear canal while remaining tear-resistant and dimensionally stable. Body heat makes the material softer and it moulds perfectly to your ear. This ensures not only customized comfort but also a high level of shielding against disturbing external noise.

Unlike standard earplugs, which are not customized and therefore do not fit perfectly in the ear, THERMOtec® SLEEP ensures a perfect fit and maximum comfort thanks to its customized design. Nights are too precious for unpleasant pressure points and earplugs that slip out. The practical optional available removal tab makes it easy to insert and remove the sleep protection.

THERMOtec® SLEEP is ideal for those who value restful sleep and want to reduce disturbing noises during the night. It is perfect for sensitive sleepers, shift workers, travelers, frequent flyers, and those who live in noisy environments and want to sleep undisturbed.

Treat yourself to a well-earned rest at night with THERMOtec® SLEEP and enjoy undisturbed sleep. Make an appointment now with your local Hörluchs® partner and have your personal premium sleep protection customized.

How Hörluchs® manufactures your premium sleep protection


The first step is to take an impression of your ear canal, which serves as the basis for the customised fitting of your sleep protection.

3D production

Thanks to Hörluchs® state-of-the-art 3D manufacturing technology, your sleep protection is produced quickly and precisely. Your mould is stored for 24 months.


After completion, you can collect your customised comfort protection from your Hörluchs® partner. There you will receive detailed instructions.

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