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Cleaning spray

The Hörluchs® auriFIX cleaning spray is the perfect solution for cleaning hearing aids, hearing protection and in-ears quickly and easily. With the attachment brush, dirt can be removed hygienically.

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auriFIX Reinigungsspray
auriFIX SprayPart No.: 2760SRP / €
auriFIX Reinigungsspray Display
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  • auriFIX Reinigungsspray (50 ml)
  • Aufsatzbürste zur gründlichen und einfachen Reinigung

Display (20 Stück):

  • Ideal für den Thekenverkauf
  • Mit Auflistung aller Features
  • Modernes Design
  • BxHxT: 18,2 x 11 x 14,5 cm
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Hygienic cleaning and care
The Hörluchs® auriFIX cleaning spray removes dirt hygienically. It leaves behind a pleasant and fresh citrus smell. The cleaning liquid is not based on water and therefore evaporates quickly and without leaving any residue without damaging electronics.

Universally usable
The cleaning solution can be used universally. You can clean hearing systems, in-ears and hearing protection with it.

Easy to use
With the included attachment brush, in-ears and other devices can be cleaned thoroughly and easily. In combination with the optionally available Hörluchs® microfibre cloth, the best result can be achieved.

Perfect on the go
The removable lid secures the cleaning spray against accidental release. It can be used for live performances, sports or for basic daily cleaning of hearing aids.

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