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The Hörluchs® service philosophy

The products from Hörluchs® are not only manufactured to the highest standards in terms of quality, durability and fit. The competent customer service also sets standards: fast, uncomplicated cooperation, modern production techniques, optimised manufacturing processes and the digital processing of order entry guarantee an optimal earmould fitting.

Digital order registration

At Hörluchs®, all orders are digitised and stored at no additional cost. All impression scans and modelling data of the product then remain in our archive for 24 months. This saves you time and money in the event of subsequent or new production, design changes or modifications.

  • No additional costs for storing scans

  • Discount for completely digitally transmitted orders

  • Your data is archived for 24 months

  • You save time and money

Hörluchs® online shop

Whether it’s SE earmoulds, hearing protection, ICPs or in-ears, at Hörluchs® you can conveniently order any product online – either via the Hörluchs® online shop or through your company software (ASEGO, IPN, Amparex, IPRO).

  • Reliable: Order data in your own company software

  • Fast: No need for clarification, faster processing

  • Convenient: ordering possible 24/7

  • Reducing production time by two days through in-house scanning

  • Simply initiate reproductions and complaints digitally

Professional consultation

Especially when things get complicated, good advice is very important – and free of charge for you at Hörluchs®. In difficult cases, our audiology team will help you. For example, in the case of the placement of external receivers or a slipping earmould, solutions are discussed on the phone or accompanied by e-mail support.

Hörluchs® Kundenservice-Mitarbeiter
  • Pragmatic, fast, uncomplicated

  • Special features that have been worked out once will be taken into account for future orders

  • Efficient coordination by telephone or e-mail

  • Free consultation

  • Competent expert advice from Hörluchs® audiology

No problem!

A complaint is annoying for you and your customers. That is why complaints at Hörluchs® are dealt with quickly, precisely and without complications. For rejections at Hörluchs® , a new impression is not mandatory; all you need to do is call us and state your commission and the reason for the complaint. Immediately, your order will be given priority and re-produced as quickly as possible. The fastest and easiest way is to initiate reproductions and complaints online via the Hörluchs® online shop.

  • No new impression taking, thereby saving your working time

  • No postage costs for shipping

  • Uncomplicated and fast: one call is all it takes

  • Short production and delivery times thanks to preferential production

  • Environmentally friendly: No new impression material required

Larissa Amann, Team Leader Customer Service
Our straightforward service saves you time and money. We advise you personally and ensure an optimal earmould fitting through fast processing.
Larissa Amann, Team Leader Customer Service