• Hearing system earmoulds

Hearing system earmoulds

The perfect supply

Hörluchs® supplies earmoulds for hearing systems to over 4,700 partner acousticians across Germany and beyond. As a special service, we can print your own logo in colour on our earmoulds for free, allowing you to customise each part to your individual corporate identity.

The advantages

Get the best out of your hearing aid!

An earmould is an ear piece that is precisely fitted to your ear and connected to the hearing aid. With the help of a customised earmould, you can access the full performance of your hearing aid.

All inclusive

No extra charge for extras

With Hörluchs® hearing system earmoulds, you do not pay extra for important extras. The free choice of material as well as product details benefits your customers above all.

Material & Finishing

Versatile materials

Hörluchs® earmoulds are available in various materials and with high-quality finishes. Discover the wide range of versatile earmould materials now.

Earmould options

Individual possibilities

There’s no such thing as “can’t”! The large selection of different earmould options from Hörluchs® makes the optimal fitting possible. You can thus respond flexibly to the needs of your customers.

Special solutions

At Hörluchs®, the focus is on the individual. Acousticians are given all the options they need to offer hearing aid wearers the best possible care. Together with you, Hörluchs® will quickly and easily find the best solution for your clients.

For kids

Soft silicone earmoulds put a smile on the face of our little superheroes.

Insulation filter

The HCP insulating earmould helps to understand speech even in a noisy environment.


With versatile receiver connections, you will find the best solution for your customers.