Versatile earmould options

As individual as your customer

The large selection of versatile earmould options from Hörluchs® offers you the opportunity to respond ideally and flexibly to the needs of your clients.

You can select the different types, designs and versions directly in your order in the Hörluchs® online shop. As a unique option, Hörluchs® offers you the possibility to print your company logo in original colour on the earmould.


The basis for optimal supply

Foil design

The filigree foil design with its discreet look is ideal for visually demanding customers. Foil earmoulds make do with little material and thus dissipate heat excellently. This results in a very high wearing comfort.

The foil design is designed for RIC/Slim fittings and is suitable for clients with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Comfort design

The COMFORT design is visually appealing, compact and stable. The sealing zone is machined accordingly, taking into account the supply (ventilation hole/open).

These earmoulds contain a recess for the tube outlet and can be fitted with an additional hole (venting) with an attachment for blowers up to a diameter of two millimetres. This design is suitable for people with any type of hearing loss.

Blend of comfort & foil design (half foil)

Depending on the connection, the comfort type can flow smoothly into the foil type: the half foil. This happens, for example, in the case of an auditory canal with a strong bend and RIC connection. With a longer vent, even moderate hearing losses can be treated.

The storage pocket provides the necessary hold for the receiver in the earmould. The appearance of the half foil is visually appealing and very durable. In most cases, it is possible to install an additional filter system.

Types of construction

The individual solution for every ear

The earmoulds from Hörluchs® can be produced in the following design variants:

Plug small
Plug smal with support

Auf Wunsch werden Hörluchs® Otoplastiken bei der Gehörgangsbearbeitung mit hoher Abdichtung oder nicht konisch gefertigt.

Sie können zwischen drei Längen wählen: Ihnen stehen die Varianten “kurz”, “mittel” (Standard) und “lang” zur Auswahl.

Upon request, Hörluchs® earmoulds are manufactured with a high seal or non-tapered during ear canal processing.

You can choose between three lengths: You can choose between the variants “short”, “medium” (standard) and “long”.

Auditory canal length
On request, the length stored in the scan can be produced.

Auditory canal length

Cymba length
The length of the cymbal influences the hold of the earmould in the ear.

Cymba length


The options for special requirements

The following versions can be ordered optionally:

Step & Double Step
  • Prevention of slipping movements due to intensive movement of the auditory canal, e.g. when speaking or chewing.
  • Reduction of the occlusion effect due to recesses at the mandibular joint.
  • Pleasant wearing comfort due to less contact surface at the auditory canal.
Double step
Foil skeleton & nugget
  • Optimal ventilation of the ear canal.
  • Barely noticeable in the ear canal.
  • Protective function against slipping out due to chewing movements.
  • Appealing appearance.
  • Reduction of the occlusion effect.
Foil skeleton

Not possible with 3D SOFT SILICONE.


Not possible with 3D SOFT SILICONE.

Support & support long
  • Especially suitable for ears with little support in the ear canal.
  • Good for strong jaw movements, speaking or chewing.
  • Often chosen in combination with a double step, as the holding function in the auditory canal is often no longer sufficient.
  • Easier removal and insertion
Golf earmould
  • Good ventilation of the concha
  • Reduced bacteria formation
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Less material in the ear
  • Same features as shell design
  • For earmoulds that sit deep in the auditory canal, e.g. for the PLUG CIC design.
  • Easier insertion and removal of the earmould