Customised hearing protection

for music & events

Concerts, festivals, open airs and clubs are your living room. You love music at every second: clear, honest and direct. Every nuance, every detail in the song is something special for you. That’s exactly why Hörluchs® has developed hearing protection.

Linear perfection

  • Choose your favourite from 5 exchangeable filters

  • Linear insulation for perfect sound

  • Ideally adapted to your ear

  • Pleasant wearing comfort due to soft silicone

  • Many different colours to choose from


For a linear music experience

The SOWEI UNLIMITED is an ultra-light, custom-made hearing protector made of silicone that scores with its flexibility in use and perfectly linear filter technology. The filter characteristics ensure brilliant music enjoyment and top sound in front of and behind the stage in every case.


Improves the fit of in-ears

With the SOWEI INEAR earmould, your favourite in-ears sit perfectly and comfortably in your ears. The custom-made earmould made of 3D SOFT SILICONE is put on your headphones instead of the earplugs. They sit securely in every situation, even during sports.


Store locator

Would you like to have the Hörluchs® SOWEI UNLIMITED or the SOWEI INEAR customised? Use the store locator to find all partner acousticians near you:

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