• Custom made hearing protection

Custom made hearing protection

Comfortable and safe

Custom-made hearing protection offers many advantages compared to ordinary earplugs and convinces with more comfort and a better protective effect. The different filters are the heart of Hörluchs® hearing protection products. This allows noise to be reduced individually depending on the area of use.

Hörluchs® produces customised hearing protection for trade, industry, leisure & sport. Different materials and designs are used, right up to the communication unit with state-of-the-art technology.


of customised hearing protection

  • Perfectly adapted to the ear and ear canal
  • Ultralight and barely noticeable in the ear
  • Warning signals remain intact
  • Exchangeable filters for different situations
  • Solutions for the commercial and private sector

auriFIX cleaning products

Use this handy cleaning products to clean your hearing protectors quickly and easily.

auriFIX Reinigungsserie

The specialist for hearing protection

Information & legal basis

Loud noises are a regular part of our everyday lives. As a specialist for the ear, Hörluchs® has collected interesting information about noise. Safety experts and company doctors will find legal information on work safety and legal regulations here.

Hearing protection filters

The filters are the heart of Hörluchs® hearing protection products. They cover almost all requirements for different noise ranges.

General info about noise

It is common knowledge that regular and high levels of noise permanently damage the hearing. But how quickly does noise become a health risk?

Occupational safety

Here you will find the PPE regulation, legal principles, an overview of responsibilities and the prevention guidelines of the DGUV.

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Are you interested in having customised hearing protection made by Hörluchs®? Use the dealer locator to find all partner acousticians near you:

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