FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Important questions and answers at a glance

Do you have questions? Hörluchs® has the answers – and many helpful tips and tricks about customised products for the ear. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are answered on this page. If you have further questions, you can contact Hörluchs® customer service for detailed advice.

You can find further terms or abbreviations in the Hörluchs® glossary.

General questions

Hörluchs® is a specialist for customised products for the ear. In Hersbruck, Germany, hearing system earmoulds, customised hearing protection and in-ears are manufactured.

Audiologists can order accessories for their daily needs from Hörluchs® or take part in training courses with BIHA points.

Private customers:
As a private customer, you can purchase Hörluchs® products from hearing system acousticians. With the dealer search, you can quickly find a partner near you.

Commercial customers:
Hörluchs® partners will be happy to advise you on site and help you choose the right products. Find a dealer now.

SE earmoulds

  • Material: 3 months
  • Fit: 3 months

Hearing protection:

  • Material: 24 months
  • Fit: 6 months
  • Technics: 12 months
  • Filter: 12 months

Universal In-Ears:

  • Technics: 24 months

Custom In-Ears:

  • Material: 24 months
  • Fit: 3 months
  • Technics: 12 months
  • Filter: 12 months

Hearing instrument earmoulds

Hörluchs® stores your impressions and modelled files free of charge for 24 months.

Usually, you do not have to return earmoulds if you have a complaint, only if you expressly wish to do so.

  • 3D Tec: HF4 filter or Cerustop possible with all manufacturers at extra cost.

Audio Service: Only HF4 filter possible.
Oticon: HF4 filter and ProWax possible.
SMART SOCKET: With HF4 filter or with ProWax filter possible.

  • 3D THERMOtec®: HF4 filter possible at defined RIC
  • UNIRIC half foil

The receiver must be moved back to the first bend, as the ear canals usually become narrower towards the front. An outsourced earpiece is always associated with additional costs.

Oticon/Bernafon minifit 100 and minifit 105.

For Connexx (up to 2.0 receivers), Oticon and Phonak, Hörluchs® uses the manufacturer’s own click sleeves. For Starkey, Widex, GN ReSound (from Surefit 2) and Connexx (from 3.0), Hörluchs® installs the SMART SOCKET.

With 3D TEC and 3D TITAN, they are installed with the Phonak Flexfit sleeve or as a channel for gluing in the thin tube. With 3D SOFT SILIKON, 3D THERMOtec® and 3D THERM as a foil for plugging in.

This is possible for shiny titanium earmoulds. This is not available for matte titanium earmolds.

Customised hearing protection

for private customers

Customised hearing protection from Hörluchs® has a significantly higher protective effect than conventional standard hearing protection. The wearer acceptance is also significantly higher and is almost 100%.

Due to the long service life of up to 6 years, the investment in customised hearing protection pays off after a short time.

Due to the use of high-quality, biocompatible materials, custom-fit hearing protection from Hörluchs® is extremely durable, namely up to 6 years. Hörluchs® also provides a 1-year guarantee on the material.

Nein, durch die Verwendung von hochwertigen, biokompatiblen Materialien wird Allergien bei Hörluchs® Gehörschutz faktisch vorgebeut. In ganz seltenen Fällen kann es zu Irritationen kommen, die aber meist auf unhygienischen Gebrauch beruhen.

No, customised hearing protection from Hörluchs® is many times more economical than standard earplugs over a period of 4-6 years.

Of course. Especially here, Hörluchs® hearing protection ensures that disturbing noises are kept out, but warning signals are clearly audible. The so-called special approvals provide information about the audibility of warning signals in road traffic. You can find an overview here: Filter-overview

The finely graduated Hörluchs® insulation filters ensure that hearing is safely protected from noise. Conversations containing information can still be held and warning signals remain audible – at a concert as well as in work noise.

You can find Hörluchs® partner hearing care professionals throughout Europe. Simply use the partner dealer search.

No, the trained Hörluchs® modellers ensure an optimal fit and excellent wearing comfort. Due to the materials used, there are no pressure points or inflammations in the auditory canal, even during movement (e.g. chewing or speaking), as may occur with standard hearing protection.

for industrial customers

Due to the long service life of up to 6 years, the investment in customised hearing protection pays off after a short time. Calculate for yourself with the cost-savings calculator.

Due to the use of high-quality, biocompatible materials, custom-fit hearing protection from Hörluchs® is extremely durable, namely up to 6 years. Hörluchs® also provides a 1-year guarantee on the material.

The so-called ICP (Insulating Communication Plastic). This system developed by Hörluchs® combines intelligent hearing aid technology with a special noise workplace programme. Originally developed for people with hearing loss in the noise workplace, people who frequently find themselves in noise situations in their free time also benefit.

The patented design reliably muffles noise, but informal conversations at the workplace and telephone calls can still be made without effort. ICP is approved as personal protective equipment by the professional association and is listed as a medical device in the catalogue of medical aids. If noise-induced hearing loss is recognised by the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association, the costs for an ICP system are borne by the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association.

Our finely graduated insulation filters ensure that your hearing is safely protected from noise. Informational conversations can still be held and warning signals remain audible – at a concert as well as in work noise. Wireless connection to headset and microphone are also possible.

Hörluchs® will be happy to help you find the right contact person. Simply use the contact form.

No, the trained Hörluchs® modellers ensure an optimal fit and excellent wearing comfort. Due to the materials used, there are no pressure points or inflammations in the auditory canal, even during movement (e.g. chewing or speaking), as may occur with standard hearing protection.

At Hörluchs®, safety and optimal care come first. The Hörluchs® service includes:

precise workplace analysis on site
factory consultation tailored to your company
taking an impression on your premises
delivery with type examination certificate

Hörluchs® has a nationwide dealer network in Germany. The Hörluchs® sales partners are certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and are medically and technically trained and educated.

No, due to the use of high-quality, biocompatible materials, allergies are effectively prevented with Hörluchs® hearing protection. In very rare cases, irritations may occur, but these are usually due to unhygienic use.

Yes, you can find Hörluchs® partners throughout Europe – and certainly in your area. Simply use the partner dealer search.

Every customised hearing protection product from Hörluchs® is checked for sealing and protective effect by means of the legally prescribed functional test upon delivery on site. During this functional test, the hearing ability is measured directly with and without hearing protection. This reveals if the hearing protector user has a hearing loss. In this way, you can be sure that all occupational safety guidelines are fulfilled.

Professional In-Ears

Universal In-Ears

Hundreds of ear impressions, sound exit positions and seals in the ear canal have been analysed by Hörluchs® audiologists to develop the perfect standard earmould, the so-called Universal Design. These are designed to fit perfectly in the ear, similar to a custom earmould.

Custom In-Ears (individually customised)

If you are looking for a perfect fit and unmatched wearing comfort, choose custom In-Ears. These are produced using digital 3D technology and are available in LPH (max. 32 dB attenuation) or biocompatible silicone (max. 35 dB attenuation).

Note: For custom fitting, it is necessary to have an acoustician take impressions of your ear canal and send them to Hörluchs® beforehand. You can find further information on fitting here.

The perfect impression of your ear ensures perfectly fitting in-ears. That’s why you’ll receive instructions for taking the perfect impression during the ordering process for custom-fitted and individually manufactured Hörluchs® in-ears. This applies to the HL2, HL3, HL5, HL6 and HL7 series. Please give these to your acoustician. If you don’t have one yet, you can find one of the more than 4,000 Hörluchs® partner hearing care professionals in the dealer locator. Only by working according to these instructions and taking exact impressions can you be sure that the earmoulds for your in-ears will be accurate and optimal.

In order to ensure an optimal fit and sound of the custom-fitted headphones, your acoustician must consider several important points when making the impression of your ear:

He must use a mass with the highest possible impression precision. The HL SOFT impression material is ideally suited for this purpose. The Dreve Otoform A and Detax addition nano/supra plus impression materials are also well suited.
The impression must show the concha completely and without bubbles. Make sure that the helix, crus helicis, tragus and antitragus are completely imaged. He knows these terms and therefore knows exactly how deep he has to go with the mass.

IMPORTANT: The length of the moulded ear canal must represent at least the 2nd ear canal bend.
The impression must not be processed or trimmed under any circumstances after the impression has been taken.
The shells of the in-ear must fit absolutely tightly in the ear! Make sure that the impression is taken with the mouth open. Do not make any chewing movements! It is best to use a bite block, e.g. made of styrofoam.

Especially if you have pronounced jaw movements, make sure that your acoustician ensures an optimal seal in every jaw position, otherwise the sound impression will change constantly.

You receive two practical dispenser wheels for your in-ears of the HL2 to HL7 series, each with 16 cerumen filters to change. One dispenser wheel in red for the right earpiece and one in blue for the left earpiece. From time to time, but at the latest when you notice that the sound becomes a bit muffled and the earpiece is dirty with cerumen (ear wax), you should change the filters. To do this, use the enclosed threaded pin to first carefully twist the dirty filter out of the earpiece, dispose of it and then carefully replace it with a clean filter from the dispenser wheel. You can find a video with the exact instructions on YouTube.

The HL2 to HL7 series are first created using 3D technology. The Hörluchs® technicians then take care of the finishing touches by hand. The customised models are then made according to the ear impressions. More than 4,000 hearing aid specialist shops are available for this purpose in Germany: www.hoerluchs-unlimited.com/partnerhaendler.

Hörluchs® already supports you in the product selection process with personal advice by telephone, e-mail or on site through the Hörluchs® service partners. All orders including ear impressions are digitised and stored for 24 months. This means that repeat orders can be placed quickly and efficiently. Even in the event of a repair, Hörluchs® will not let you down. The Hörluchs® technicians and audiologists are used to working out solutions for the customer within the shortest possible time.

All high-definition drivers in Hörluchs® in-ear headphones are based on Balanced Armature technology. This technology enables fast and precise bass that reaches the ear full of power, and the highest possible resolution, brilliant highs that never seem peaky or obtrusive. As a result, every frequency is reproduced optimally and with the original sound, and the best possible sound result is achieved at every technology level.

The best quality and durability, combined with a high level of comfort: these are the high standards of Hörluchs Hearing GmbH & Co. KG. That is why we provide the following guarantee on the original Hörluchs In-Ears you purchase:

  1. In-Ears with standard earpieces are guaranteed for 24 months.


The manufacturer’s warranty only applies to the Hörluchs in-ears with standard earpiece that are part of the current sales programme at the time of purchase. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase of the new original Hörluchs product. Hörluchs hereby guarantees that when the product is handed over, it is free from defects in materials, workmanship, accessories and manufacture.

  1. Warranty for custom-fitted in-ears from Hörluchs

We grant a 3-month guarantee on the fit and fit of custom-made in-ears. Custom-made products returned within the guarantee period must include a plausible justification attributable to a defect.

Claims for defects of technical components such as drives etc. shall become statute-barred after 2 years from the date of the delivery note. The claims for defects do not relate to natural wear and tear, nor to damage occurring after the transfer of risk as a result of incorrect or improper handling, excessive stress, unsuitable operating materials and such chemical, electrochemical or electrical influences that are not assumed under the contract. Claims for defects are excluded due to improper modifications or repair and maintenance work carried out by the partner dealer or third parties.

  1. For all in-ears produced by Hörluchs Hearing GmbH & Co. KG applies to all in-ears produced by

Personal problems regarding the wearing of in-ears are not a material defect for which Hörluchs Hearing GmbH Co. KG is responsible and do not lead to a claim for defects.

If there is a justified defect after the initial purchase of the in-ears within the warranty period stated here, Hörluchs Hearing GmbH & Co. KG or one of its service partners will, at its own discretion and without charging for labour and material costs, repair the defective product or replace the product in whole or in part. In doing so, new or as-new parts will be used. The replaced products become the property of Hörluchs Hearing GmbH & Co. KG. Defects that are not covered by the warranty or liability for material defects will be repaired at our expense.

This manufacturer’s warranty is the only valid warranty provided by Hörluchs for the purchased in-ears. All other warranties and representations, written or oral, regarding the suitability of the product for a particular purpose are expressly excluded. The client bears the risk as to the suitability of the product for his needs, the desired sound quality and the expected performance. Hörluchs is not liable for any consequential damages resulting from the use or lack of availability of this product.

You will need the following as proof and to take over the guarantee:

  • Proof of purchase of the original Hörluchs product from a Hörluchs trading partner
  • with recognisable date
  • and clear designation of the product purchased

Without this evidence, repairs will always be carried out at a charge.

The following receipts, printed or electronic, are not sufficient for the assumption of costs in a warranty case:

  • Credit card receipt
  • Order confirmations from online portals such as PayPal, eBay and others
  • Bank statements
  • Delivery notes or other shipping documents

The following cases are excluded from the guarantee:

  • The product has not been purchased from a Hörluchs trading partner or directly from Hörluchs, has already been opened and/or purchased second-hand and in particular this applies if the seller is a private person.
  • Labels, serial numbers or logos have been removed from the product.
  • Modifications and/or changes made to the product without Hörluchs’ consent.
  • Force majeure.
  • Wear defects.
  • Defects already known at the time of purchase.
  • Improper use. The user information enclosed with the product explains proper use.
  • Mechanical damage.
  • Incorrect operating power and voltage.
  • Unauthorised repair.
  • Use of the product contrary to the instructions of Hörluchs.
  • Colour changes of the material (examples: In the case of silicone transparent, the colour of the earpiece may change slightly due to perspiration and exposure to sunlight. In the case of silver cables, sweat may cause the cable to change colour slightly).

Also excluded from the guarantee are:

  • Included accessories such as cables, domes (earmoulds), clips, smart caps, packaging, batteries and microphones.

In the event of a defect in a product purchased directly from Hörluchs Hearing GmbH & Co, including purchases made through Hörluchs online shops, please

  • Pack the in-ears carefully and securely for transport, ideally in the original packaging.
  • enclose the proof of purchase with the necessary details.
  • send the package insured and prepaid to the following address:
    Hörluchs Hearing GmbH, Bergseestr. 10, 91217 Hersbruck, Germany
  • The customer bears the transport risk.

In the event of a defect in a product purchased from a dealer, please contact the dealer and enquire about the further procedure.

The manufacturer’s statutory warranty obligations are not affected by these warranty provisions and remain valid. This warranty is governed by the legal provisions of the country in which the customer purchased the brand-new product from a Hörluchs trading partner.

Exceptions to the 14-day right of return

Our in-ears and headphones and their accessories are considered hygiene articles. Therefore, opened packaging cannot and must not be returned by Hörluchs within the 14 days. A package is considered opened as soon as the sealing film in which the package is shrink-wrapped has been torn or opened. As soon as this film has been opened and/or removed, the product is deemed to have already been used.

Exclusion of the 14-day right of return and the guarantee

Both are excluded in the case of delivery of goods which are not prefabricated and for the manufacture of which an individual selection or determination by the consumer is decisive or which are clearly tailored to the personal needs of the consumer, in particular earmoulds or in-ears (headphones) which are individually manufactured and adapted according to customer specifications.

Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is excluded for the delivery of goods that are not prefabricated and for the production of which an individual selection or determination by the consumer is decisive or which are clearly tailored to the personal needs of the consumer, in particular individually manufactured and adapted products according to customer specifications.

To reduce the feeling of occlusion, an optional venting hole can be built into the custom-made earmoulds of the HL5 series. This allows the generated energy to dissipate better, which is particularly advantageous for musicians who generate a strong resonance themselves, such as saxophonists.

Note: The venting significantly reduces bass transmission. Therefore, Hörluchs® always recommends a personal consultation before making a decision.

Discount codes from Hörluchs® promotional partners are only redeemable in the Unlimited online shop. However, for Hörluchs® partner musicians, the imprint is included in the purchase price and often exceeds the discount.