ICP hearing systems for noisy workplaces

Hearing protection meets hearing system

Conventional hearing aids are not permitted for use at high-noise workplaces. The AS HÖRLUCHS ICP (Insulating Communication Plastic) hearing systems are permitted by construction law for use at high-noise workplaces. The system consists of a hearing aid with a specially developed high-noise program and an approved hearing protection plastic (SOWEI ICP).

The hearing system is therefore 100% PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and 100% medical device, which is listed in the Register of Medical Devices. Thus the hearing aid can be used to its full extent in the private environment.


The hearing system

The AS Hörluchs® ICP is suitable for people in noisy workplaces because it compensates for an existing hearing loss. In addition, it compensates for the resulting over-attenuation in the main perception area without damaging the hearing.

Hörluchs® ICP-Hörsystem G5

With approval for the noise workplace


The hearing protection

The SOWEI ICP insulating molding made of silicone is highly conformable and hardly noticeable or visible to the wearer. In addition, with its high passive attenuation value of 30 dB (with HLFs1 filter), it is ideal for ICP hearing aid fitting.

Hearing system earmould


Hearing aid and protection

The ICP TIK® (“deep in the canal”) disappears almost invisibly in the auditory canal and therefore does not interfere with the wearing of protective goggles or helmets. It is also perceived by colleagues as hearing protection and not as a hearing aid.

ICP TIK® Produktfoto 4

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Hearing device supply as

Medical device

  • The legal provider of the medical device is Hörluchs® or the company Fa. Audio Service / Sentibo.

  • Permitted under the Medical Devices Act.

  • DHI (German Hearing Aid Institute) tests the medical device.

  • Registered in the medical aids register

  • The medical devices comply with Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices (MDD).
  • As a result, it is recognised worldwide as a medical device.

Hearing aid supply as

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • The legal distributor of the PPE is Hörluchs®.

  • The entire system is delivered exclusively through Hörluchs®. Licensed partner acousticians take over the fitting on site according to the corresponding guidelines.

  • Approved according to the European Directives and Standards for Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Hearing aid with type examination and certification of a hearing protection program according to DIN EN 352-7.
  • Earmould with type examination and certification as personal protective equipment according to DIN EN 352-2.

  • Levy in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Ordinance on the Protection of Employees against the Risks arising from Noise and Vibrations (LärmVibrationsArbSchV).

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