Hörluchs® Campus

Hörluchs® Campus Slogan

The Hörluchs® Campus offers the possibility of modern training for acousticians with BIHA points for each training session.

A dedicated training centre where important content from theory and practice can be taught in a modern and interactive way. State-of-the-art equipment in a very quiet environment that encourages learning, teaching and experiencing.

Trainings for acousticians

  • Wide range of current training courses

  • Advanced trainings for earmoulds, hearing protection, in-ears or ICP®

  • Theoretical and practical content

  • BIHA points for each training

  • Modern rooms

  • Very quiet environment

  • Catering, events and accommodation possible

Hörluchs® is an absolute pioneer when it comes to making life easier for acousticians. The concept of the campus is also the result of answering the question “What can we do for you?”. No matter if you want to book one of the professional training courses, conduct workshops or book the premises for your own meetings and events: Flexibility, individual ideas and the closeness to the customer known from Hörluchs® will convince you!

  • Showroom SE
  • Hörluchs® Campus Schulungsraum
  • Showroom GS
  • Hörluchs® Campus Anpassraum
  • Showroom IEM
  • Fräskurs
Master Audiologist & Head of Audiology
In the diverse training courses and workshops, new approaches and ideas are taught that are sustainable and practical. The idyllic surroundings provide the ideal basis for achieving this.
Master Audiologist & Head of Audiology