Terms from the Hörluchs® universe

When it comes to earmoulds, hearing protection and custom in-ears, there are a multitude of technical terms and expressions. Here you will find an overview of the most important terms from the Hörluchs® universe. Detailed explanations and frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ section.


Active impulse hearing protection


Behind The Ear. Describes a hearing system design in which the hearing aid sits behind the ear.


Complete In Canal. The earpiece sits very deep, but still somewhat visible in the ear canal.


Short for Concha Auricularis, is the medical term for the auricle. In acoustics, the term “otoplasty concha” refers to the complete filling of the auricle with an earpiece.


Additional designation for hearing protection with the possibility of connecting a communication unit.

Entry-level universal in-ear headphones with different domes for different sized ear canals.


Stands for the combination of the half-foil design (recess at the tragus to first bend) and the Hoka design (recess at the end of the ear canal).


Auditory canal or, in the case of design, auditory canal shape.


“Hard” material made of 3D TEC LPH.

Half concha

Compared to the full concha shape, the half concha shape only fills half of the auricle with the earmould.

Main field of perception

Indicates the frequency band that is audible to a normal hearing person on average, namely frequencies from about 20 to about 20,000 hertz.


Earmoulds made of hard-soft acrylic whose surface becomes pleasantly soft on contact with the skin.


Hörluchs Communication Plastic. Special earmould design with insulation filter.


Refers to the Hörluchs® carbon filter series.


Invisible In Canal. The earpiece sits very close to the eardrum and is therefore almost invisible deep in the ear canal.


Designates the Hörluchs® interchangeable filter series for linear attenuating hearing protection.


Hollow canal.


Insulating Communication Plastic.


Designates the noise workplace.


The material designation 3D TEC LPH stands for light-curing resin.


Personal protective equipment.


Receiver In Canal. The receiver sits in the ear canal.


Secret Ear. Every earmould that sits delicately, inconspicuously and precisely in the ear. Since Hörluchs® always sets this standard for hearing system earmoulds, hearing system earmoulds are also often referred to as SE earmoulds.


The Shore value determines how hard a material is. The lower the value, the softer the material. Depending on the design and size of the earpiece, the material is perceived differently. An earmould with 70 Shore in foil construction feels softer than an earmould with 40 Shore in comfort construction. Silicone in 35 Shore is floatable.

Brand name for another manufacturer’s product.


Signal-to-noise-ratio. Brand name for another manufacturer’s product.

Special approvals W, X, S, V, E

W: Criteria “warning signal hearing in general”, “information-containing sounds” and “speech intelligibility” fulfilled (average slope of the mean values of the octave sound attenuation maximum 3.6 dB/octave)

X: Extremely flat insulating hearing protection. May be suitable for persons with hearing loss. May also be suitable for musicians (average slope of mean values of octave sound attenuation maximum 2 dB/octave).

S: Signal hearing possible at the track superstructure.

V: Signal hearing possible when driving and vehicles in public road traffic.

E: Signal hearing possible for train drivers and locomotive shunting drivers in railway operations. Use only permitted after successfully passing the hearing test in accordance with the technical information of the VBG and UVB “Noise protection measures for locomotive drivers and locomotive shunters” (previously BGI/GUV-I 5147).
E1 = Very suitable, especially suitable for people with hearing loss.
E2 = Well suited.
E3 = Limited suitability.

Source: IFA Institut für Arbeitsschutz der Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung


Earmoulds made of 3D SOFT SILICONE.


Deep in the canal. The earpiece sits very close to the eardrum and is therefore almost invisible deep in the ear canal.


Universal fit for hearing protection earmoulds.

Manufacturer-independent RIC connection from Hörluchs®.