Customised splash water protection

for swimming & water sports

As a specialist for customised comfort protection, Hörluchs® has developed splash protection made of silicone. Water sports enthusiasts, children with tympanostomy tubes or people with problems with water in the ear canal can use it to ideally protect their ears from water penetration.

Splash water protection

  • Comfortable fit due to soft silicone

  • Ideal protection against water penetration

  • Prevention of exostoses

  • Available in floatable material

  • Different colours possible

Ideal for bathing, showering and swimming

The SOWEI AQUA is ideal for children with tympanostomy tubes or for people with problems with water in the ear canal. Maximum wearing comfort is achieved through a special, soft silicone.

Maximum protection for water sports enthusiasts

The SOWEI SURF is perfect for all sporting activities in the water. The specially developed membrane filter enables perfect speech understanding in every situation thanks to its minimal attenuation.

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