The custom-fit dome

In the ever-advancing world of hearing aids, Hörluchs® presents a groundbreaking innovation that offers a new opportunity, especially for audiologists. The TITAN OPEN® earmoulds combine the advantages of the two well-known fitting approaches for hearing systems – domes and customised earmoulds.

TITAN OPEN Otoplastik
  • Particularly small earmould made of titanium
  • For completely open and occlusion-free fittings
  • Ideal for mild high-frequency hearing losses
  • Design between IIC and CIC for deepest possible fit
  • Defined fit for optimal sound transmission
  • Secure fit: low probability of hearing aid loss
  • Hardly noticeable to the wearer
  • Only available with matt surface
  • Comparative fitting easily possible with UNIRIC system

For a completely open and occlusion-free fitting

TITAN OPEN® earmoulds from Hörluchs® are designed for completely open and occlusion-free fitting. They prove to be an optimal solution especially for mild high-frequency hearing losses.

TITAN OPEN Otoplastiken
TITAN OPEN Otoplastik im Ohr

The TITAN OPEN® earmould sits inconspicuously and invisibly in the ear

Defined and secure fit

Each TITAN OPEN® earmould is individually fitted to the wearer’s ear. This not only guarantees an optimal fit, but also enables precise and directed sound transmission.

TITAN OPEN Otoplastik im Ohr

The TITAN OPEN® earmould sits inconspicuously and invisibly in the ear

Comparative fitting possible

TITAN OPEN® earmoulds are delivered with the UNIRIC system as standard. You can use it to test different external receiver models – this makes comparative fitting even easier.

Vergleichende Anpassung mit TITAN OPEN

With the SMART SOCKET TOOL, receivers can be conveniently placed and removed.

Hörluchs® Titan-Otoplastik mit Veredelung

Titanium – probably the best earmould material in the world

TITAN OPEN® earmoulds impress with their outstanding material properties. These small earmoulds offer an almost unrivalled wearing sensation – comparable to a contact lens. Within a very short time, you forget that you are wearing them. Compared to ordinary domes, titanium does not yellow. The valuable and exclusive look of TITAN OPEN® earmoulds is therefore still guaranteed even after many years.