Apprenticeship at Hörluchs®

Find your dream apprenticeship

Hörluchs® gives you orientation for your future: Do you love working with numbers? Or do you prefer to work with your hands? At Hörluchs® you will find your dream apprenticeship. Your personality is the focus here.


  • Detailed training

  • Working in a team

  • Personal contact partner

  • Exciting projects

  • Internal workshops

A personal insight

Vincenz on his apprenticeship at Hörluchs®

„After graduating from school, I wanted to start directly in the professional world. I decided on a commercial apprenticeship because I find it exciting how companies work in the economy.

In customer service, I can apply the knowledge directly. I enjoy the fact that I have direct contact with many people every day. I would choose to train with Hörluchs® again at any time.“

After leaving school, Vincenz decided to do an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at Hörluchs®.