• Hear

    Hörluchs® manufactures earmoulds from high-quality materials. Simple pricing means that all important extras are included.

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    Hörluchs® Hörsystem-Otoplastiken
  • Protect
    Custom Hearing protection

    Hörluchs® produces customised hearing protection for industry, recreation and sports. Different materials and designs are available, including communication systems with the state-of-the-art technology.

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    Hörluchs® Maßangepasster Gehörschutz
  • Enjoy
    Professional In-Ears

    Hörluchs® offers unique custom in-ears for musicians, gamers and athletes. The state-of-the-art 3D manufacturing and professional audio technology combine superior comfort with unlimited sound.

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    Hörluchs® Custom In-Ears

Customised products

Made in Germany

Hörluchs® is THE expert in Germany when it comes to customised earmoulds, hearing protection and in-ears for musicians and gamers. The independent and owner-managed family business from Hersbruck is at home both in the region and throughout Germany and internationally.

Passion, innovation and sustainability are at the heart of Hörluchs®.


The all-inclusive idea

This is how easy Hörluchs® is

Trust is the best basis for a long-term and successful partnership. That is why Hörluchs® has developed the all-inclusive idea for acousticians: No hidden extras, no price surprises – simple and transparent pricing.

Titanium earmoulds

High-tech for acousticians

As a specialist for customised products for the ear, Hörluchs® is constantly expanding its portfolio. Thanks to a fully digital and economical manufacturing process, earmoulds can also be offered in the material titanium “Made in Hersbruck” since March 2021.

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  • Hörluchs®

    The hearing protection for motorsport fans

    The SOWEI UNLIMITED is a custom-made hearing protection made of silicone. The linear exchangeable filters effectively dampen wind noise. Signals are perceived very well. It is therefore ideal for road traffic.

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  • Hörluchs®

    Electronic hearing protection for hunters and shooters

    The HA ACTIVE is an electronic, active hearing protection with fully digital high-tech amplifier. The system is also suitable for people with hearing loss, as it can be adjusted accordingly.

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  • Hörluchs®

    Hearing protection for best voice audibility when shooting

    The HA UNLIMITED is a personalised hearing protector with very good perception of information-containing sounds. This makes it ideal for shooters who need the best possible communication.

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You can find Hörluchs® partner hearing care professionals throughout Germany – and certainly in your area. Simply use the dealer search and arrange a consultation appointment with local specialists today.

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