The Hörluchs® Team

Over 140 employees with a common passion

Being a part of Hörluchs® means helping to shape innovations and standing up for sustainability. It’s not about the fastest delivery times and the lowest possible prices. It’s about people and passion. It means doing something good together and putting a smile on the face of people with hearing loss every day. Helping people protect their most important sense and enjoy hearing – that is something very special.


“Motivated, happy and satisfied employees are the basis for growth and success.”

Thomas Meyer - CEO & Owner
CEO & Owner
Thomas Meyer
Dominic Schmidt - Deputy Managing Director
Deputy Managing Director
Dominic Schmidt

Purchasing | Quality Management

In the purchasing department, reliable suppliers and the daily demand for goods are identified. To ensure that standards and certifications are met, quality management keeps an eye on all processes.

Julia Meyer - Purchasing / Quality Management
Purchasing / Quality Management
Julia Meyer

Sales | Customer Service | Marketing

Hörluchs® customer service provides product advice and training – direct contact by phone, email or video is the top priority here. Partners and customers are supported by the sales department with creative campaigns and in person on site. The appropriate advertising material for this is created by the in-house marketing team.

Manuel Zitzler - Head of Department
Head of Department
Manuel Zitzler
Larissa Amann - Team Leader Customer Service / Sales Hearing Aid Acoustician
Team Leader Customer Service / Sales Hearing Aid Acoustician
Larissa Amann
Frank Sehrig - Customer service
Customer service
Frank Sehrig
Kristina Neugebauer - Customer service
Customer service
Kristina Neugebauer
Leon Ilg - Customer service
Customer service
Leon Ilg
Martina Ammon - Customer service
Customer service
Martina Ammon
Vincenz Scharf - Customer service
Customer service
Vincenz Scharf
André Borger - Customer Service
Customer Service
André Borger
Benjamin Dümler - Team management field sales
Team management field sales
Benjamin Dümler
Anja Übler - Back office
Back office
Anja Übler
Moritz Blaumeiser - Field Service
Field Service
Moritz Blaumeiser
Michael Fries - Field Service
Field Service
Michael Fries
Torsten Richter - Field service IEM
Field service IEM
Torsten Richter
Moritz Boesler - Key Account Manager Export
Key Account Manager Export
Moritz Boesler
Felix Ehrhardt - Team management Marketing
Team management Marketing
Felix Ehrhardt
Simon Hirmer - Marketing
Simon Hirmer


In audiology, hearing care professionals handle special clarifications and offer detailed advice on ICP, earmoulds and hearing protection.

Martin Baumann - Head of Department
Head of Department
Martin Baumann
Viktoria Vogel - Audiology
Viktoria Vogel
Gudrun Melchner - Audiology
Gudrun Melchner
Katharina Heidler - Audiology
Katharina Heidler
Felix Kerscher - Audiology
Felix Kerscher

Order Management | Merchandise Management | Shipping

The team takes care of a smooth order flow and handles clarifications and complaints. By the way, Hörluchs® handles over 80,000 calls and emails a year – quite a lot. The finished products are carefully shipped on time and pass through the final quality control.

Silvia Maul - Head of Department
Head of Department
Silvia Maul
Birgit Häffner - Team leader order entry / dispatch
Team leader order entry / dispatch
Birgit Häffner
Anita Mertel - Order entry
Order entry
Anita Mertel
Martin Rögner - Order entry
Order entry
Martin Rögner
Laura Meier - Order entry
Order entry
Laura Meier
Swetlana Wuckert - Order entry
Order entry
Swetlana Wuckert
Carina Baier - Order entry
Order entry
Carina Baier
Janina Albrecht - Team leader merchandise management
Team leader merchandise management
Janina Albrecht

Administration | Human Resources

All administrative challenges are handled in the administration. The human resources department is responsible for strengthening the Hörluchs team.

Heidi Boesler - Team leader administration
Team leader administration
Heidi Boesler
Andrea Schmidt - Human Resources
Human Resources
Andrea Schmidt


All customised earpieces are modelled with our own CAD software and digitally transferred to production. Around 1,600 custom-made parts leave production every day. Supported by a machine park with 14 modern 3D printers and a laser printer, hand-finished unique pieces are produced here in series. Lettering, logo printing and surface finishing are carried out in the in-house paint shop. A separate team is responsible for the technical construction.

Michaela Lorenz - Head of Department
Head of Department
Michaela Lorenz
Katja Neumann - Team leader work preparation
Team leader work preparation
Katja Neumann
Miriam Müller - Team Leader Production Earmoulds
Team Leader Production Earmoulds
Miriam Müller
Nadja Sander - Team Leader Production Hearing Protection
Team Leader Production Hearing Protection
Nadja Sander
Eileen Wild - Team leader paint shop
Team leader paint shop
Eileen Wild
Martin Schübert - Team leader modelling earmoulds / hearing protectors
Team leader modelling earmoulds / hearing protectors
Martin Schübert
Valentin Elsner - Team Leader Modelling IEM / Engineering
Team Leader Modelling IEM / Engineering
Valentin Elsner

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