Telephoning & communicating at the workplace

The UNLIMITED COM communication unit is compatible with any UNLIMITED hearing protection (HA & SOWEI).

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Product Attributes

Hörluchs® COM HK Unlimited
COM-HKPart No.: 4265SRP: 297,50 €Per piece excl. hearing protection
Hörluchs® COM HW Unlimited
COM-HWPart No.: 4266SRP: 333,20 €Per piece excl. hearing protection
Hörluchs® COM W Unlimited
COM-WPart No.: 4267SRP: 250,00 €Per piece excl. hearing protection
  • Communication unit
  • Case
  • User manual
User manual (GER)File size 1817 kB Download
Declaration of conformity SOWEI UNLIMITED COMFile size 634 kB Download
Declaration of conformity HA UNLIMITED COMFile size 627 kB Download
Type examination certificate HA UNLIMITED COM (GER)File size 515 kB Download
Type examination certificate SOWEI UNLIMITED COM (GER)File size 513 kB Download


The technical connection with high-quality speakers is fixed with a plug connection in the passive hearing protection and is available in three different versions. The upgrade is possible at any time. The integrated flexible element, in combination with the customised hearing protector, ensures a secure fit on the ear.

Der HLM-Filter kann schnell und einfach durch den Lautsprecher ersetzt werden.

The HLM filter can be quickly and easily replaced by the speaker. 

Ideal hearing protection for

  • Hands-free communication via smartphone
  • Permanent connection to radio systems
  • Personal security and safety
  • Workplaces with high communication requirements
  • Event and stage technicians
  • Site managers
  • Work in warehouses and logistics
  • Forestry and agriculture
  • Music playback (private sector)
Hörluchs® COM HK Unlimited

In the wired version COM-HK, the volume of the playback and muting of the microphone can be operated manually – ideal as a supplement to industry-standard radio systems.

Hörluchs® COM HW Unlimited

In particularly demanding noise environments, the COM-HW version with gooseneck microphone offers maximum speech quality. The removable pop shield additionally minimises wind noise.

Hörluchs® COM W Unlimited

The COM-W wireless adapter is worn comfortably on the neck and connected wirelessly to the smartphone. The battery has a talk time of approx. 11 hours and is charged via a micro-USB connection.

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