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Professional hearing protection

The Hörluchs® HA is a custom-fit hearing protector with a handle for industrial use. It is particularly robust and durable. Warning signals and noises containing information can be perceived very well in working noise.

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Product Attributes

HA Gehörschutz
ITC (in-the-canal)Part No.: 846SRP: 171,00 €Per pair
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Transparent
HLFs Filter 28dB
HLFs1Part No.: 111SNR 32 dB
Special approval: W, X, S, V, E1Noise range: 91 – 106 dB
Color: YellowSRP: 15,00 €Per filter
HLFs Filter 24dB
HLFs2Part No.: 112SNR 28 dB
Special approval: keineNoise range: 88 – 103 dB
Color: BlackSRP: 15,00 €Per filter
HLFs Filter 23dB
HLFs3Part No.: 153SNR 24 dB
Special approval: keineNoise range: 84 – 100 dB
Color: GreenSRP: 15,00 €Per filter
HLFs Filter 15dB
HLFs6*Part No.: 002SNR 15 dB
Special approval: keineNoise range: 70 – 84 dB
Color: BlueSRP: 15,00 €Per filter

Many Hörluchs® hearing protection products are officially approved for special areas of application. You can find a legend here:

Explanation of special approvals
Acryl-Gehörschutz Lieferumfang
  • Filter
  • Case
  • Left/right marker
  • Serial number
  • Cerumen remover
  • User information
  • Carrying device
BenutzerinformationFile size 1817 kB Download
KonformitätserklärungFile size 637 kB Download
BaumusterprüfbescheinigungFile size 525 kB Download

Optimal hearing protection for

  • Industrial companies
  • Craft enterprises and vehicle workshops
  • Forestries and agricultural companies
  • Dirt-intensive workplaces
  • Paint shops and spray booths (silicone-free)
  • Food sector (with detection)
HA insulation diagram

*Comfort filter without type examination

The Hörluchs® HA is the particularly robust and dirt-resistant special hearing protector made of durable polymer. It is very durable and ideally suited for continuous use in dusty and noisy working environments.

You can quickly and easily put the hearing protector in your ear and take it out again with the practical grip. It is also very small and ideal for overhead work. The Hörluchs® HA is precisely tailored to its wearer and the respective working conditions. It convinces with good warning signal audibility and speech intelligibility in working noise.

Features that convince

  • Extremely stable and dirt-resistant
  • Silicone-free, also suitable for painting areas
  • Very good audibility of warning signals and speech intelligibility in noisy work environments
  • Optimum protection due to various Hörluchs® interchangeable filters
  • Particularly suitable for extremely noisy work areas
  • Safe heat dissipation prevents excessive sweating
  • Biocompatible material for best skin compatibility
  • Also suitable for overhead work
  • Optionally with grip notch


Taking impressions

In the first step, an impression of your auditory canal is made. With the scan of the impression, the hearing protection can be produced perfectly fitted.

3D production

Thanks to the state-of-the-art 3D production of Hörluchs®, the hearing protection is manufactured quickly and precisely. Re-production and new production are possible at any time thanks to 24 months of data storage.


The finished hearing protection can be collected from your Hörluchs® partner. You will receive detailed instructions including a functional test.

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