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ICP Hearing Systems

Hearing system with approval for the noise workplace

Conventional hearing aids are not permitted for use at high-noise workplaces. The AS Hörluchs® ICP (Insulating Communication Plastic) hearing systems are permitted by construction law for use at high-noise workplaces. The system consists of a hearing aid with a specially developed high-noise program and an approved hearing protection plastic.

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Product Attributes

ICP Hörsystem
ICP RIC 16 G5Part No.: 3590SRP: €Per hearing system
Hörluchs® ICP BTE 16 G5
BTE 16 G5Part No.: 3591SRP: €Per hearing system
Hörluchs® ICP BTE G5
BTE P 16 G5Part No.: 3592SRP: €Per hearing system
  • Dark grey
  • Grey
  • Silver
ICP overview (GER)File size 287 kB Download
Declaration of conformity RIC 16 G5 (GER)File size 103 kB Download
Declaration of conformity BTE 16 G5 (GER)File size 106 kB Download
Declaration of conformity RIC 16 Switzerland (GER)File size 275 kB Download

Features that convince

  • Communication skills in the noise workplace
  • Protective function
  • Machine audibility
  • Directional hearing possible
  • Individually adaptable to the noise workplace
  • Programmable tinnitus function
  • IP68 certified
  • Frequency and dynamic concept
  • Direct streaming with Apple® devices (with Android® devices via Smart Mic)


The AS Hörluchs® ICP RIC 16 G5, BTE 16 G5 or BTE P 16 G5 is a fully-fledged PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) with CE marking – an independent development by Hörluchs®. Only certified partners are allowed to adapt the hearing system.

The hearing system is therefore 100% PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and 100% medical device, which is listed in the Register of Medical Devices. Thus the hearing aid can be used to its full extent in the private environment. The AS Hörluchs® ICP is suitable for people in noisy workplaces because it compensates for an existing hearing loss. In addition, it compensates for the resulting over-attenuation in the main perception area without damaging the hearing.

The ICP hearing systems effectively reduce noise, while information such as voices and warning signals can still be heard clearly: the wearer’s individual hearing loss is compensated and the ear is protected at the same time. Depending on the degree of hearing loss, different models are available to the hearing care professional for individual adaptation to the wearer’s hearing ability, including Bluetooth® for connecting further communication units.

Like all Hörluchs® hearing protection products, the ICP hearing system is only delivered with a functional test (one hearing test with and one without the hearing system).

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