• ICP® RIC 16 G7


ICP® RIC 16 G7

with THERMOtec® hearing protection earmould

The new ICP® hearing system convinces with THERMOtec® ICP earmould, lithium-ion battery and new technical features.

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Product Attributes

ICP RIC 16 G7 mit THERMOtec® Gehörschutz-Otoplastik
ICP® RIC 16 G7Part No.: 4405SRP: €
  • Dark grey
  • Grey
  • Silver
  • Hörluchs® ICP RIC 16 G7 hearing system
  • THERMOtec® hearing protection earmould
  • Workplace noise programme
  • Charging+ Station R: Charging station with drying and UV cleaning function


Data sheet ICP RIC 16 G7 (German)File size 195 kB Download
Declaration of conformityFile size 1841 kB Download

Features, that convince

  • THERMOtec® ICP® hearing protection earmould
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Battery life incl. streaming 32-36 hours
  • 6 listening programmes and 3 music programmes
  • Programmable tinnitus function
  • For open and closed fitting
  • IP68 certified
  • Anti-feedback system
  • Noise manager
  • Impulse suppressor

Charging+ Station R: Charging station with drying and UV cleaning function


The Hörluchs® ICP® RIC 16 G7 is a fully-fledged PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) with CE marking – an independent development by Hörluchs®. Only certified partners are allowed to fit the hearing aid.

The Hörluchs® ICP® RIC 16 G7 is also a fully-fledged medical device listed in the Heil- und Hilfsmittelverzeichnis. The Hörluchs® ICP® RIC 16 G7 is suitable for people in noisy workplaces because it compensates for an existing hearing loss. In addition, it compensates for the resulting over-attenuation in the main perception area without damaging the hearing.

The ICP® hearing systems effectively attenuate noise, while information such as voices and warning signals can still be heard well: the wearer’s individual hearing loss is compensated and the ear is protected at the same time.

Like all Hörluchs® hearing protection products, the ICP® hearing system is only delivered with a functional test (one hearing test with and one without the hearing system).

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