Hearing protection and hearing aid

With the ICP TIK®, Hörluchs® introduces another milestone in the history of ICP. Several years of development and intensive customer feedback have resulted in a completely new product and experience.

From now on, you have the opportunity to offer ICP fitting with an exciting new adaptation concept – and as an In-The-Ear hearing system, too. You will receive more information in an ICP training session.

TIK® “Deep in canal”

Invisible in the ear

  • Perfect for the noisy workplaces

  • In-the-ear hearing aid: Deep, inconspicuous fit in the ear canal

  • Can be used in the workplace and in the private sphere

  • High-end amplifier technology

  • Highest possible speech intelligibility

  • Telephoning without accessories possible without problems

  • Tested and certified by the Institute for Occupational Safety (IFA)

  • 100% Made in Germany

ICP TIK® Slogan

New advantages for adaptation

The advantages of the ICP TIK® for those affected are obvious: The system can be used both at the noise workplace and in the private environment. It disappears almost invisibly in the auditory canal and thus does not interfere with the wearing of protective goggles or helmets. It is also perceived by colleagues as hearing protection and not as a hearing aid.

In the case of recognised noise-induced hearing loss and determination of the indication for the supply of the system by the responsible employers’ liability insurance association, the system is covered 100% by the accident insurance institutions and is not charged to the company.

  • Insitum measurement possible without any problems
  • Full adjustability, full access to all fitting parameters
  • Innovative fitting concept via iPad
  • High spontaneous acceptance
  • Modern, cloud-based fitting software

Audio Service Stiline BT
mit Hörluchs® Titan-Otoplastik (CIC)

Hörluchs® closes the supply gap

With the ITE solution ICP TIK®, Hörluchs® closes the supply gap and for the first time offers a certified complete system as an ITE device and thus follows the wish of many wearers and hearing care professionals. Of course, this system has also been tested and certified by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

All the advantages, a detailed look at the fitting software and other news, such as the updated billing amounts, will be conveyed to you at one of the next ICP training courses (on site or as an online training course). Take the opportunity now to specialise further and be able to offer this type of care.

Certified complete systems

Hörluchs® intentionally and with full conviction establishes itself as a provider of certified complete systems for the noise workplace. Since the introduction of the first ICP generation, Hörluchs® has always offered systems that are tested and certified as PPE in the combination of earmould and hearing system incl. noise workplace programme.

These years of experience and expertise offer you and your clients enormous advantages when it comes to fitting hearing systems in the noise workplace:

  • Tested safety by the IFA (Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)
  • Hörluchs® as distributor of the PPE (general partner)
  • Distribution only by ICP-certified persons
  • Highest possible safety for users
  • 100% subsidy by the cost units
  • High-end solution for users
  • Preferred system of the employers’ liability insurance associations
  • Uncomplicated billing
  • No operating errors possible
  • Uncomplicated possibility of insitum measurement at the workplace
  • Support and competent advice from our audiology department
  • Continuous development of the product portfolio
  • Many years of experience

These advantages ensure that you can continue to work with the highest possible safety in the workplace and always offer your customers the most modern type of care. Hörluchs® is there to support you with questions and challenges.