Ultra-light hearing protection for leisure time

The Hörluchs® SOWEI FREE is a custom-made hearing protector made of silicone for almost any noise situation. It reliably protects your hearing during all noisy leisure activities.

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Product Attributes

SOWEI FREE Bauform Concha
ITE (in-the-ear)Part No.: 108 + 2709SRP: 191,50 €Per pair
SOWEI FREE Bauform CIC mit Abstützung
CIC with supportPart No.: 108 + 2710SRP: 191,50 €Per pair
SOWEI FREE Bauform Gehörgang mit Abstützung
ITC (in-the-canal) with supportPart No.: 108 + 2711SRP: 191,50 €Per pair
SOWEI FREE Bauform Gehörgang
ITC (in-the-canal)Part No.: 108SRP: 191,50 €Per pair
  • Fluorescent
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Beige
  • Purple
  • Fuchsia
  • Rosé transparent
  • Neon
  • Pink
HLFxs 26dB
HLFxs26Part No.: 2697SNR 26 dB
Special approval: W, S, E2
Color: YellowSRP: 15,00 €Per filter
HLFxs 20dB
HLFxs20Part No.: 2698SNR 20 dB
Special approval: None
Color: BlackSRP: 15,00 €Per filter
HLFxs 10dB
HLFxs10*Part No.: 2700SNR 10 dB
Special approval: None
Color: BlueSRP: 15,00 €Per filter

Many Hörluchs® hearing protection products are officially approved for special areas of application. You can find a legend here:

Explanation of special approvals
Gehörschutz Lieferumfang
  • Filter
  • Case
  • Left/right marker
  • Serial number
  • Cerumen remover
  • User information
  • Optional with carrying device
User information (GER)File size 3889 kB Download
Declaration of conformity (GER)File size 114 kB Download
Type examination certificate (GER)File size 1150 kB Download

Features, that convince

  • Soft 3D SOFT SILICONE with FLEXFIT system
  • Pleasant wearing comfort
  • High skin compatibility due to biocompatible material
  • Three exchangeable carbon filters available
  • Perfect fit and secure hold in the ear
  • Absorbs engine and wind noise
  • Comfortable to wear under the helmet
  • High durability
  • Large selection of trendy colours
SOWEI FREE insulation diagram

*Comfort filter without type examination


The Hörluchs® SOWEI FREE with FLEXFIT is an ultra-light, custom-made hearing protector for almost any noise situation. It reliably protects the hearing during all noisy leisure activities. Warning signals can be heard and speech can be understood clearly.

The Hörluchs® FLEXFIT system guarantees a perfect fit and optimum wearing comfort in the Concha, CIC with support and in the canal with or without support designs. FLEXFIT stands for the unique combination of soft silicone and foil construction (ear canal cone is hollowed). The SOWEI FREE is lighter than comparable earmoulds and has better heat dissipation than conventional products.

Motorsport fans

The SOWEI FREE reduces engine and wind noise. Warning signals in road traffic remain intact:

  • Motorcycling
  • Convertible driving
  • Motorsport
  • Aerobatics

Craftsman & DIY

When working with saws, flexes and other tools, the SOWEI FREE provides reliable protection and a perfect seal:

  • Home improvement
  • Construction work
  • Forestry
  • Landscaping

Relaxation & Concentration

For a quiet working environment, ideal for the office, home office or a nap in between:

  • Concentrated work
  • Kindergarten
  • Day care
  • Quiet sleep

Travelling & Tourism

For perfect pressure compensation (HLFxs10 filter), concentrated work, rest and sleep when travelling:

  • Air travel and long-distance travel
  • Bus and train
  • Business travellers
  • Airline-Personal


Taking impressions

In the first step, an impression of your auditory canal is made. With the scan of the impression, the hearing protection can be produced perfectly fitted.

3D production

Thanks to the state-of-the-art 3D production of Hörluchs®, the hearing protection is manufactured quickly and precisely. Re-production and new production are possible at any time thanks to 24 months of data storage.


The finished hearing protection can be collected from your Hörluchs® partner. You will receive detailed instructions including a functional test.

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