New standards for comparative fitting

Hörluchs® presents the SMART SOCKET 2.0 – an advanced connection solution that enables convenient as well as smooth comparative fitting of acrylic and titanium earmoulds with RIC hearing aids. With its versatile functions, safe accommodation of all RIC hearing aid models and easy handling, the SMART SOCKET 2.0 opens up new possibilities.

Challenges of comparative hearing aid fitting

Health insurance companies demand a comparative fitting. Usually at least two hearing systems are compared – sometimes even three. This requires a precise connection solution with which RIC receivers can be easily exchanged. The SMART SOCKET 2.0 from Hörluchs® was specially developed to overcome these challenges.

Secure fit for RIC receivers

Due to its special inner geometry, the SMART SOCKET 2.0 provides an excellent hold for all RIC receivers. With the improved socket, they can be positioned easily. In addition, the material adheres very well in the earmould due to the clearly defined adhesive area. The high-quality, silicone-like material makes the SMART SOCKET 2.0 exceptionally resistant. Even if the RIC receivers are changed frequently, the sleeve reliably retains its shape. The SMART SOCKET 2.0 can be easily drilled out with a standard rose drill (ø 2.9 mm).

Multiple filter options for maximum flexibility

There is one SMART SOCKET 2.0 variant each for HF4 and ProWax filters. Both filter versions can be easily installed. When you place the ProWax filter, you will hear a noticeable click. An additional step in the sleeve ensures that the HF4 filter is not pushed through when it is inserted. The new colour scheme in red and blue matches the familiar colour side assignment in the hearing aid sector.

Order from the Hörluchs® online shop

Hörluchs® earmoulds made of hard material for RIC receivers are equipped with the new SMART SOCKET 2.0 as standard and at no extra charge. It can be ordered individually via the Hörluchs® online shop. The scope of delivery includes five SMART SOCKETS each in red and blue. You can find more information at hoerluchs.com/uniric